Crucibles for Zinc and Magnesium alloys

Crucibles for Zinc
and Magnesium alloys
For your foundry
choose the Made in Italy production
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Our target market has no borders. Currently we work for customers of 50 different countries, but we are ready for any part of the globe. We already supply many companies of emerging Asian markets and North American countries where they concentrate most of the industries of automotive, aviation, electronics, information technology and components. Our european market was our first step towards "internationalization", where now we supply the most important foundries of the field.
Our brochure illustrates the main types of crucibles manufactured by Ditta Musto. Contact for any request, customers' needs are our priority
"CRE-ACTIVITY" is our keyword
Fundamental to be competitive, creative and innovative.
We work developing new ideas
and improving together with customers.
Customized service
Proud and demanding with themselves, Musto et Bureau Srl has made new products, step by step, with traditional care of the handicraft for each particular, for a high quality result and service.

Because customers are not all alike!

Equipment and crucibles for melting Zinc and Magnesium alloys, steel crucibles in any shape and size, upon customer's request. We cover the whole process with the production of casting furnaces with high efficiency and low power consumption. Our furnaces for Zinc and Magnesium alloys are widely appreciated for the savings that arrive at 40% of current furnaces. 0ur products and our experience optimize productivity in this field.
Via Molise, 26/28
40060 Osteria Grande (BO) ITALY
Tel. +39 051 945811 - Fax +39 051 945492

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